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Our sustainable activated carbon is shaping a new activated carbon industry.


In-depth research and experiments have been 

conducted to optimise the quality of our new generation sustainable activated carbon. 

Our activated carbon perform exceptionally well under the application of dyes filtration. They can achieve an adsorption efficiency of higher or equal to 90% which outcompete most of the market activated carbon.

Raw Material


Pine Needles

Rice Husks

The adsorption efficiency of dried pine-needle made activated carbon has proven to be surpassing 90%. Therefore pine needles have been used as the raw material used to make our first product prototype. 


The accumulation of dried pine needles is the main cause of wildfires across the Indo-Himalayan region.

Also, it inhibits sufficient sunlight to reach to the ground and thus adversely affects the soil fertility. 

Green Ashes is not only helping the forestry sector to eradicate the risks of natural disasters, but we are also turning wastes into valuables. 

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