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Green Ashes

Service & Products

Green Ashes serves as a bridge between (i) raw material providers, (ii) activated carbon manufacturers and (iii) activated carbon buyers.

Including Green Ashes, our service and products can create a win-win-win-win situation.  ACTION NOW!

For raw material providers...

Agricultural & Forestry 
biomass wastes handling

Agricultural & Forestry wastes are the major raw material that are utilised to make sustainable activated carbon. We can help local official agricultural or forestry sectors and even local farms to get rid of the excessive amount of wastes and turn them into valuables. 

For activated carbon manufacturers...

New activated carbon production method 

Green Ashes focuses on testing the feasibility of turning a variety of biomass wastes into activated carbon. We provide an optimized method of manufacturing which can lower the reliance on coal to make activated carbon.

For activated carbon buyers...

Integration of sustainable activated carbon

Green Ashes provides sustainable activated carbon which can be integrated into your products such as water filters, air filters or dye filters etc. 

We also sell individual packages of activated carbon. Click the button below to learn more about our activated carbon.

Specifications of our activated carbon

IMG_6223 2.HEIC

Together we can save...



Using sustainable raw material to produce activated carbon can save up at least 9.5 kg of CO2 emission.


Get to Know Us


By phasing out the utilisation of coal as the raw material, different countries can transform their own agricultural/forestry wastes into eco-friendly activated carbon which lower both transportation and extraction costs of coal. 

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