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 Green Ashes

We create values for the wilted.

What is Green Ashes?

Green Ashes is a green tech startup focused on producing new generation activated carbon using sustainable raw material like agricultural and forestry biomass wastes. The new activated carbon is more sustainable and cost-effective compared to the conventional method of activated carbon production. Green Ashes is turning wastes into valuables. 

What is activated carbon?


Activated carbon is renowned for its excellent ability to adsorb different substances due to its extensive surface area and high porosity feature. Activated carbon is utilised in many applications eg. air filtration, water filtration, dyes filtration etc. Even some pharmaceutical products rely on the use of activated carbon to adsorb a range of pollutants or impurities. 

With the advancement of manufacturing activated carbon, the application of such is going to be widened. Thus, there is no sign of decline regarding the global demand for activated carbon.

million USD

Global activated carbon market size

Pine needle
-made Activated Carbon


Rice husks
-made Activated Carbon


Under our current research, our new activated carbon can reach an adsorption efficiency equal or up to 90%. Pine needles and rice husks have been tested successfully to be transformed into activated carbon. What sets us apart from the current activated carbon market is that our new-generation activated carbon creates less carbon footprint from raw material sourcing to final product manufacturing.  

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